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Preparing for Surgery

The first step is to carefully follow any instructions your surgeon may give you.

For your health and safety, some laboratory tests or medical clearance may be required prior to your procedure. Your surgeon may ask you to visit your family doctor to obtain the necessary tests or clearance.

The pre-operative nurse will contact you on the working day prior to your procedure to give you specific instructions, including arrival time. The nurse will ask you questions regarding your past and current medical conditions, allergies and medications you are taking.

The nurse will instruct you as to what time you are to stop eating and drinking prior to surgery. Special instructions will be given to patients scheduled late in the day, diabetics, and young infants.

If you are taking medications, the pre-op nurse will discuss with you, after confirming with your Anesthesiologist and/or your physician, which medications you are to continue taking, which to refrain from taking, and which to bring to the Surgery Center.

If you suspect you are pregnant, it is important that you notify your surgeon or the Center.

If you experience any health changes between your most recent visit to your surgeon and the day of the surgery, notify your surgeon. Please report even minor changers such as cold, elevated temperature, cough, or sore throat.

If special financial arrangements are necessary, please call the University SurgiCenter prior to the day of surgery.

For your safety, you must make arrangements for an adult, friend, or relative to drive you home and remain with you overnight. Children, age 17 years and younger or incapacitated adults, must be accompanied by a person with legal guardianship.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have, and be sure to let us know of any special needs.

Day of Surgery

Bathe or shower the morning of the surgery to minimize the chance of infection. Dress comfortably. Tight-fitting clothing may feel restrictive following some procedures. Wear sensible shoes allow ambulating to be easier following anesthesia.

Remove all make-up, nail polish, and jewelry, leave all valuables at home.

Don’t forget your insurance card(s) and proof of identification.

Arrive promptly at the time instructed, usually 60 minutes prior to your surgery time. This will allow adequate time for all necessary admission procedures.

You will meet with a member of our admitting staff to finalize you financial arrangements. University SurgiCenter provides third party financing through CareCredit to assist in paying your facility fee balance.

You will change into a hospital gown and slippers which we provide. You will be asked to remove contact lenses, dentures, jewelry and any prosthesis.

Limit the number of people who accompany you to the SurgiCenter. For the comfort of patients and visitors alike, we suggest that adult patients be accompanied by one person only throughout surgery. We invite both parents of our pediatric patients to remain at the Center throughout surgery. Parents may remain with the child in pre-op area before surgery, and in the pediatric discharge recovery room until the child is discharged.

After your Surgery

Following surgery, you will be moved to our fully equipped Acute Recovery Room, where you will remain under close observation by our recovery room nurses. You will then move to our Discharge Recovery Room, where your relative or friend may stay until you are discharged. You will be checked by the Anesthesiologist prior to discharge. The length of stay in the Recovery Room varies according to the type of procedure and your surgeon’s instructions. Most patients are discharged 1-2 hours after surgery.

Your surgeon will provide specific instructions for care while recovering at home. The Center will provide you with a written summary of these instructions. Plan to have someone stay with you for 24 hours following your surgery.

At Home After Surgery

Since it is normal to feel drowsy, after receiving an anesthetic, you should postpone the following activities for 24 hours after discharge:

  • Driving and operating equipment
  • Signing important papers and making significant decisions
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages
  • Smoking

If you have unexplained problems, call your surgeon. A nurse from the Center will contact you the first working day after your surgery to check your progress and answer any questions.